Ketty (previously Editoria) updates and features

Ketty (previously Editoria) updates and features

Good news: Ketty, the single-source book production platform (formerly known as Editoria), is getting lots of updates and a rebuild of the application lately. Coko Foundation, the team behind the project, is working on separating the application into two parts - the backend and the user interface. This enables them to be able to build new customized book production workflows very fast (and cost-effectively) for organizations wanting their own workflow. With this rebuild, Ketty is using open-source technology to support concurrent editing, and reworking the chapter locking mechanism, and much more. Here are some of the features of the platform:

Single Source Book Production

Authors, Editors, Production Staff, and Designers all use the same source file - reducing the potential for errors and accelerating the production time. Single Source Publishing at its best!

Push Button Publishing

Push button publishing is baked into Ketty. Typesetting happens in real-time — getting you from written word to final output as quickly as possible. Author proofs are created at the push of a button, and final outputs are available to you as soon as the work is completed.

Great for Remote Teams

Your books can be assessed from anywhere at any time - accelerating collaboration within both remote and real-space teams.

Open Source

Streamlining book publishing requires developing scalable, standards-based technology solutions and of cource open-source tech.

Embedded Word Processor

Ketty has a clean, modern, web-based word processor at its core - wax. Complete with Track Changes, Math support, footnotes, comments, complex tables, Grammarly integration, and more… Perfect for authors, copy editors, proofers, extensive keyboard shortcuts, etc - wax feels like the word processor you always wanted.

Ingest MS Word files

Upload MS Word files into Ketty automatically either one at a time or in a batch.

Native Pagedjs support

Ketty is built by the same folks that built Pagedjs - Coko. Get the best pagedmedia pagination engine you can find anywhere built natively into the best book production platform.

Microservices Architecture

Ketty has an extensive microservices architecture that delivers.

Additionally, the Coko team will soon be announcing some of the amazing work they have done on Ketty with the Open Education Network to help write Open Textbooks (OERs), and some very interesting extensions to the Wax editor to support the production of questions (for use in textbooks, etc).

Interested in having your own Ketty instance?

We will manage hosting, backups, monitoring, and SSL certificates. We will provide you with qualitative tech support, which will allow you to work on what you love more: your book production workflow.