Google Groups is dying – long live Discourse

Google Groups is dying – long live Discourse

Online communities and discussion groups have been popular for many years, with Google Groups being a go-to platform since its launch in 2001. However, over time, the platform has become outdated and without updates and improvements, leaving its users with an unreliable platform that is being left to be… killed by Google. This has been evident in the gradual removal of some features and lack of support for users. The decline of the platform has been reported in a dedicated blog post by Andrew Helwer with the title “Google Groups has been left to die”. As a result, Google Groups’ users are looking for an alternative platform that is reliable, secure, and offers advanced features.

An open source platform to save the day!

Discourse is a popular open-source platform for online discussions and communities and a solid alternative to the proprietary Google Groups platform. It is a user-friendly, and feature-rich platform that offers a wide range of customization options. It also has a modern design that is mobile-responsive, making it accessible to users on Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Discourse has a comprehensive set of features, such as custom badges, group messaging, and polls, that are not available on Google Groups.

Discourse is self-hosted

Another major advantage of Discourse is that it is self-hosted, which means that you have full control over your data and are not tied to a proprietary cloud platform like Google. This is important because hosting your community or organization’s infrastructure on a big tech cloud platform means you don’t have control over your data, and you are vulnerable to platform outages and data breaches. With a self-hosted Discourse instance, you can avoid these issues and have complete control over the community you are building.

Community management the right way

Furthermore, Discourse offers a more modern approach to community management that is more engaging, efficient, and scalable. For instance, Discourse has a feature called trust levels, which incentivizes user engagement and allows moderators to quickly identify the most active and helpful members of a community. Additionally, it has a flexible permission system that allows administrators to customize user access levels to various sections of the community.

Self hosted and managed hosting

At, we understand that migrating from Google Groups to Discourse may seem daunting, especially if you have been using Google Groups for a long time. That is why we offer Discourse managed hosting services that make the deployment of your Discourse instance hassle-free. Our team will support you with:

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