Nextcloud Hub 3 reviewed from The Linux Experiment

Nextcloud Hub 3 reviewed from The Linux Experiment

The Linux Experiment is one of the most popular YouTube channels that aims to making Linux accessible. Nick, the creator behind the project, tries to achieve this without techno lingo or super technical content. The channel features Linux desktop news, simple tutorials, application spotlights, and opinion pieces in a very nice and creative way. The majority of our team members not only follow the channel, but are fans of it. One more reason we like the project: Nick is leaving big tech proprietary Twitter and becoming more active on Mastodon.

Featuring Nextcloud Hub 3

Last week we were happy to see that The Linux Experiment featured some of the updates of Nextcloud Hub 3. We have also blogged about the release before, but it is nice to see everything explained also in a well produced video from a well known creator that features open source platforms. Nextcloud Hub 3 performance, improvements in the Nextcloud Photo app with AI powered face recognition and major Webmail upgrades are only some of the improvements mentoned in the video. Have a look at it yourself:

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