Nextcloud Hub 3 is here

Nextcloud Hub 3 is here

The team behind Nextcloud announced recently Nextcloud Hub 3, the new version of the open-source file management and collaboration platform. During this edition of the project’s yearly conference, the team behind one of our favorite projects in the field of digital sovereignty and self-hosting presented all the new bells and whistles that come with the new release. Have a look at the main improvements and new features below, or schedule a call with our team in case you are interested in a demo.

Much better Mail

Mail 2.0 now features better performance an updated user interface and many other improvements:

  • streamlined account setup wizard;
  • Easily accessible quick actions;
  • mail content preview in the sidebar;
  • a streamlined account setup wizard;
  • integrated support for replying to calendar invitations;
  • out-of-office setting;
  • signatures including images.
    Our most anticipated feature? Viewer integration now enables users to view attachments without having to save the file or leaving the Mail app.

Contacts app improvements

Organizational chart view is the new thing for the Contacts app. It is built automatically from the “manager” property in the address book and most important: it shows the avatar, user name, job title + plus the reporting organization. The view supports zoom, pan, and going back to the view of an individual person by clicking the user avatar.

Integrations, integrations, integrations

With the aim of improving interoperability with other platforms, Nextcloud works closely with other companies in the collaboration space. This release highlights deeper integrations with:

  • Zimbra → Zimbra chat and email integrated with Nextcloud
  • Cisco Webex → View and edit documents collaboratively while working on Webex
  • NUITEQ Stage → Use a whiteboard for better collaboration during a video call
  • OpenProject → An array of options like linking files and folders with work packages in OpenProject
  • Google Drive → Import your Google calendars, contacts, photos, and files into Nextcloud
  • Microsoft OneDrive → Automatically import your OneDrive files into Nextcloud

Nextcloud Photos is now in ver. 2

This one is for everyone that is using Nextcloud to manage all these photos from important personal moments, work, screenshots, and everything else we never find the time to review, edit and organize. Good news: the Photos 2.0 app comes with lots of improvements that will help you have it easier with your photo collection without using any of these big tech proprietary apps that mistreat your data. Below are some of the improvements that are packed inside the latest edition of Nextcloud Photos as presented by the Nextcloud team.
1. New tile view for all your photos
The new tile view is modern, intuitive, and appealing to the eye. Plus, there’s a huge performance improvement to make your experience quick and easy to use.
2. Photo Albums with Sharing Options
Highly desired by our community is having the ability to create photo albums. Now you can have all your photos from a trip, party, or season in one place. Furthermore, you can share the album with others using a public link so they can add their photos too.
3. Built-in Photo Uploader
Upload your local photos directly from the Photos App! Now any photos on your device can be easily uploaded, stored, and organized.
4. Photo Editor
Photo editing is now simpler than ever. Nextcloud’s new built-in photo editor includes all the features, filters, and common edit operations you need to create a stunning image!

Better mobile and desktop apps

New Android image gallery view, unified search for iOS, dashboard widgets for both OSes, support for file locking, a new PDF viewer and Files view, updated share view, and many more improvements. Thumbnails for virtual files on the Windows client and the list of improvements goes on.

Check the Nextcloud blog for even more details about the latest release.

Nextcloud Hub 3 update for our current Subscribers

In the next few days, our tech support team will be testing the latest version of Nextcloud and will inform you about the upgrade. If we are sure that the upgrade is safe we will email you about the date of the migration, which is planned for November 2022.

Interested in a brand new Nextcloud instance?

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