Who are we?

We're a team of free software enthusiasts who share common principles and ethics and work as a collective when it comes to decision making. We believe in the power of open source technologies and in a world where 'privacy is the default' and ethics come before financial gain. Despite this not being the norm, we are committed to work everyday to help build this better world we believe in.

Our Team


Cloud68.co was co-founded in 2019 by Boris, Redon, Sidorela and Silva, a diverse team of digital rights activists that met at the local hackerspace. Although our partners, contractors and collaborators work remotely in different corners of the world, we plan to be a small-by-design team and it goes without saying that becoming the next Silicon Valley superstar is not in any of our hopes and dreams. Since the beginning, we have omitted the idea of getting external investments to fasten our company growth, as we strongly believe that our core principles should remain unchanged and uninfluenced from capital inflows. This has opened a path for some challenges on the way while things are improving smoothly, and we are investing in having even more sustainable, organic growth. Legally, Cloud68.co is an Estonian based company as we are taking advantage of their E-Residency program.

Our Vision

Making the use of open source, privacy oriented and ethical platforms easy and convenient.


Our Mission

Cloud68.co makes the use of free and open source software as easy as possible and provides you with reliable open source digital infrastructure, and here every word matters:
Reliable - because despite being a work in progress, your needs will always be addressed in time and we will stay committed to giving you the best solution.
Open source - because we only provide software whose code is publicly available published with permissive licenses.
Digital infrastructure - because we won’t simply provide you with the hosting space; research, training, on-boarding and consultancy will also be available when needed.



What our subscribers say about us

testimonial from Wikimedia Italia

Dario Crespi

Wikimedia Italia
distributed team

After several months of hosting provided by cloud68.co, I can only say that the Team is competent, responsive and always kind. When we had any problems, they were always resolved within a few minutes or at most a few hours.
A truly satisfying service.

testimonial from Open Belgium

Astrid Steenackers

Open Belgium

Given the fact that Open Belgium celebrates a variety of open initiatives in Belgium and beyond, an open source infrastructure for the online event was really important to us. Cloud68.co supported us with that infrastructure, but also guided us in creating the best possible set-up for our specific needs. The stable infrastructure, the very responsive team, the efficient and clear communication brought down the stress levels that come with organizing events. We knew we were in good hands! Thank you Cloud68.co for the partnership!

testimonial from Codeat

Daniele Scasciafratte


Cloud68.co team knows open source since a lot of years, they understand what is the best solution for your needs and configure it for you without need to bother about specific settings. It is a hosting more powerful than usual with various software supported, not just the usual one.

testimonial from Innospace Coworking

Erkens Gjini

Innospace Coworking

We chose Could68.co because of their in-depth knowledge. We have worked with different solution providers in the past but what sets Cloud68.co apart is their customer service support and that was key in our decision. They are always there when you have an issue and proactive in providing alternative solutions. We would definitely recommend Cloud68.co to anyone!

testimonial from Book Sprints

Barbara Ruehling

Book Sprints

At Book Sprints we have our origins in open source, and switching to the open source hosting services of Cloud68.co just feels right. Cloud68.co made the migration absolutely smooth and effortless for us. It is a pleasure working with the Cloud68.co team - professional, efficient, and lovely people!

testimonial from Coko Foundation

Adam Hyde

Coko Foundation
distributed team

We choose to work with Cloud68.co because they understand Open Source, are reliable and responsive and offer an excellent service. Also because we like them! I highly recommend Cloud68.co for those seeking professional Open Source services.

testimonial from punctum books

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

punctum books
distributed team

In the young and ambitious team of Cloud68.co we found kindred spirits with a dedication for open source, privacy, and the commons. They showed us that it was not only feasible, but also effortless to switch our business from commercial legacy software to open-source alternatives, providing a seamless transition and excellent, professional customer care. We are proud not only to be Cloud68.co's clients, but also count them as our friends and co-conspirators.

testimonial from The Elshire Group

Rob Elshire

The Elshire Group
New Zealand

Our genomics research company is based on our reputation and trust. We create very large data sets for our collaborators all around the planet. To do that well, we need a reliable, secure infrastructure to store and transfer the data. Open source and self-hosted or managed hosted are fundamental. The team at Cloud68.co has been the very best. They migrated our data from another company, provided excellent support, and demonstrated deep technical know-how. They optimised the platform setup and location to meet our and our collaborators' needs. We highly recommend Cloud68.co to other small businesses.

testimonial from ecological design collective

Anand Pandian

ecological design collective

When we began to think about building an online community for ecological imagination and collaborative research and design practice, we knew that we had to rely on open source tools rather than corporate digital infrastructure. We wanted to build our platform with tools that shared in the spirit of generosity and radical possibility that animates our own endeavor. We were so lucky to come across the good people of Cloud68.co, who have made it possible to realize this vision. More than digital developers or consultants, they have truly walked alongside us as engaging co-travelers and supportive partners on our journey. We simply wouldn't be here without them.


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