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We assume that you already know the answer to that since you are in this website 🙂. Open source technologies respect the freedoms of you, the user, which is something we take seriously here at

At the moment we are prepared to offer qualitative services for individuals and entities based in the US, EU countries and countries in South Eastern Europe, otherwise known as the Balkan region. Time difference, complication on accepting payments from residents or legal entities in countries other than the one mentioned previously and also other legal issues from countries that have policies not friendly towards internet freedom are some of the main reasons for this decision. Our goal is to offer our services worldwide, but this seems more complicated as we had initially estimated. If you are are not based in one of these countries, but if you really like us and you still want to apply, we will do our best to support you.

The servers used to provide your services are hosted at facilities using green energy. We will post more update about in our blog section.

The number and the variety of instances we offer are growing constantly. For the full list of the instances we offer please visit this page.

If your instance is open source we will probably be able to offer it to you, but keep in mind that it will take more time for us to make sure that everything will run smoothly. Which brings us to the next question…

We get this question a lot 🙂. Once you have processed with the payment or have a confirmation from our team that we are ready to deploy your instance, you will receive an email with all the log ind details and instructions in less than a business day. We are working to reduce this to 12 hours. Requests during Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays in Estonia and Albania will be processed Monday or the next day of the holiday.

We accept payments via credit/debit cards (via Stripe) and bank wire transfer (via Transferwise). We are not accepting Paypal at the moment, but we are planning to do so soon, although we would prefer not to have to use Paypal services due to their previous behaviour as a company.

We do not accept payments via cryptocurrencies at the moment due to the laws in Estonia limiting such payment methods to companies that offers services the way we do.

Our main communication channel for paying clients/partners is On-boarded clients/partners can also contact our team by using, which will open automagically a support ticket for you.
Our friendly tech support team is available from Monday to Sunday 9.00 - 17.00 CET time. During public holidays in Estonia and Albania we offer limited tech support.

Our team members are millennials and GenZ members and are not used to use ‘the phone’. We use BigBlueButton or Jitsi (both open source software) for video calls to offer tech support to our partners. It’s just like using ‘the phone’, but better. All paid clients/partners can easily schedule a call to reach our tech and user support team.

Sometimes we also answer questions on our social media channels, but it’s is not guaranteed that we will answer there as quickly as if you contacted us at our primary support channels. Just FYI our Twitter account is @Cloud68HQ

Phishing is defined as the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication (source here). In our case this means that someone will try to present himself/herself as a member of team and ask for your sensitive information. One of the ways to understand easily that someone is sending you a phishing email is that we at will NEVER ask you for your password in an email. If you don’t trust a link in an email sent from us, go directly to our contact us page and inform us about the suspicious activity, or even better schedule a call with our team: schedule a call.

2FA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. First, a user will enter their username and a password. Then, instead of immediately gaining access, they will be required to provide another piece of information.
This second factor could come from one of the following categories:

  • Something you know: This could be a personal identification number (PIN), a password, answers to “secret questions” or a specific keystroke pattern;
  • Something you have: Typically, a user would have something in their possession, like a credit card, a smartphone, or a small hardware token;
  • Something you are: This category is a little more advanced, and might include biometric pattern of a fingerprint, an iris scan, or a voice print;

There are various types of 2FA:

  • Hardware Tokens
  • SMS Text-Message and Voice-based 2FA
  • Software Tokens (this being the most popular form)
  • Push Notification for 2FA
  • Other Forms (Biometric 2FA)

You can read more on 2FA here: What is 2fa?



What they say about us


Adam Hyde

Coko Foundation

We choose to work with because they understand Open Source, are reliable and responsive and offer an excellent service. Also because we like them! I highly recommend for those seeking professional Open Source services.


Barbara Ruehling

Book Sprints

At Book Sprints we have our origins in open source, and switching to the open source hosting services of just feels right. made the migration absolutely smooth and effortless for us. It is a pleasure working with the team - professional, efficient, and lovely people!


Arlind Haxhijaj

Coolab Coworking

We love how has grown in the past few years. We value the humancentric approach as part of the culture in the company and extends across every team member. Their team delivers, always being one step ahead with maintaining digital infrastructure and working on our tech support requests.


Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

punctum books

In the young and ambitious team of we found kindred spirits with a dedication for open source, privacy, and the commons. They showed us that it was not only feasible, but also effortless to switch our business from commercial legacy software to open-source alternatives, providing a seamless transition and excellent, professional customer care. We are proud not only to be’s clients, but also count them as our friends and co-conspirators.


Erkens Gjini

Innospace Coworking

We chose because of their in-depth knowledge. We have worked with different solution providers in the past but what sets apart is their customer service support and that was key in our decision. They are always there when you have an issue and proactive in providing alternative solutions. We would definitely recommend to anyone!


Rob Elshire

The Elshire Group

Our genomics research company is based on our reputation and trust. We create very large data sets for our collaborators all around the planet. To do that well, we need a reliable, secure infrastructure to store and transfer the data. Open source and self-hosted or managed hosted are fundamental. The team at has been the very best. They migrated our data from another company, provided excellent support, and demonstrated deep technical know-how. They optimised the platform setup and location to meet our and our collaborators’ needs. We highly recommend to other small businesses.


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