Video: Being compliant with Matomo Analytics

Video: Being compliant with Matomo Analytics

With proprietary tools like Google Analytics being gradually banned from EU countries (starting with Austria and France) compliance is the talk and need of the hour. Data protection laws aim to give individuals more control over their personal data by granting them a number of rights, including more transparency on how businesses are using their data and, sometimes, to have their data erased.

In this context, our own Silva shares her know how on the importance of data protection and why Matomo Analytics is best for protecting your users’ privacy.

In this video presented at Matomo Camp 2021, she talked about a variety of topics in regards to compliance regulations, including:

  • What is privacy compliance and why is it so important?
  • The importance of Digital Analytics in the GDPR era.
  • Why Matomo is a better alternative now that Google Analytics is considered problematic by some countries in the EU.
  • The benefits of using Matomo as well as a step by step guide of how Matomo GDPR tools help organisations to be compliant with privacy regulations.
  • A guide on how to migrate from Google Analytics to Matomo Analytics.

Protecting consumer data should be the number one priority of all businesses. Any security breach leading to personal data theft of consumers could negatively impact the brand reputation of an organization, leading to legal consequences. And why not just use Matomo Analytics to gain a 100% control over your analytics data?