DebConf 2022 live blogging and Mastodon updates

DebConf 2022 live blogging and Mastodon updates

As mentioned before, we are quite happy and excited to participate at #Debconf22. We want to share our experience at the event with daily blog updates in this page. we are also posting more casual updates at our Mastodon profile. We will also post at Twitter, but less frequently due to our belief that one should not feed the (proprietary closed source) beast.

Saturday 16.07.2002 (arrival)

We arrived to Prizren, the city hosting Debconf22 at midday and after a nice coffee and some lunch by the river we left Prizren visit center and took a cab to the venue. The first day in Prizren was during a heatwave, which was the only challenging issue of the day. Modern Prizren

Image credits: Irvi Hyka, CC BY-SA 3.0 on Wikimedia Commons.

After arriving at ITP we checking it at the reception desk and arranged accommodation. Hospitality from the local organizing team was at it’s best and we’re sure that it will stay like this for the next days as well.

Sunday 17.07.2022

  • After some nice breakfast we headed to the main venue for the opening speech by Enkelena, a member of the local organizing team.
  • Team group photo time. team pic
  • Evening: hacking at Noisy hacklab Credits: FLOSSK on Twitter

Monday 18.07.2022

& After some breakfast we went to participate in various sessions and some Noisy hacklab time until lunch. team at Noisy hacklab

  • Stickers for everyone :) team at Noisy hacklab

Debconf22 general info:
Venue: Innovation & Training Park, Ukë Bytyçi St.20000 Prizren, Kosovo (OpenStreetMap).