Announcing Ketty (previously Editoria) as a Service!

Announcing Ketty (previously Editoria) as a Service!

Update Editoria is now Ketty - read the blog post

We have already announced our commitment to support you work with ethical tools, including here various professions and industries, such as co-working spaces, marketing agencies, professionals in the health industry and more.

Today, we have great news for book publishers: Ketty as a Service is now part of our ready2use open source instances. In just a few minutes, after you fill in the online application form, you and your team can start writing the next book, using an open source collaborative tool which makes the writing process more productive then ever before.

For those of you who don’t know the software, few questions might be popping out of your head.

What is Ketty in the first place?

Ketty is an open source, browser-based books production platform. It includes collaborative authoring and editing, web-based word processing, and automated typesetting. It also includes docx to HTML conversion and production tracking capabilities.

And why is it the best tool to use to write my new book?

Ketty is an open publishing tool, designed to optimize your writing process. With Ketty you can efficiently produce format-flexible, standards-compliant content items. The software supports web-based editing and facilitates your production workflow. Most important, it is an open source community powered project, you can always reach out to the community, share your thoughts and even contribute to make it better. Ketty is powered by Coko foundation, the organization dedicated to keeping the project alive and always updated.

Why shouldn’t I keep using Microsoft Office to do all of that…

Well, yeah, we are thinking of using Ketty to write a book on the reasons why you shouldn’t use MS Office. The short answer is that Ketty is a standards-compliant software, it facilitates document conversion in different formats and you will never suffer vendor lock in by using it. Ketty offers independence from expensive, upgrade-driven systems and instead of dealing with Microsoft Word’s costly licenses and, the need to update macro suites and on, you and your team can focus on publishing. Anyhow, if you already started your project in MS Word, no worries, you can upload your docx content in Ketty in just a click, and start collaborative editing right away”

And why shouldn’t I self-host it?

You can totally do so. Ketty is open source and the projects code is available on GitHub, licensed under an MIT license and if your team has the technical capacity to self-host we advice you to do so. There is also an active forum , where you can ask questions if you are stuck. Alternatively, if your team doesn’t have the capacity or doesn’t not want to go through the trouble of self-hosting and maintaining the software and only focus on creating books and publishing, you might want to take a look at our Ketty as a Service instance and explore the software on a 30 days trial.

Now that you know a little bit more about about the software, time to learn even more on the service.

At we aim to make the use of open source tools as simple as possible for the non-technical community. We provide a suite of of open source tools which can be a full replacement of massively used platforms provided by big tech companies who make profit by abusing your data. As a team of open source evangelists, want to change that, one open source instance at a time. This is the main reason of our excitement for launching Ketty among other instances we provide, as an open source tool facilitating open collaborative publishing. We are closely collaborating with Coko and their development team, through a process that has helped us better understand the software, but also to keep in touch with the community, report bugs, give feedback and get engaged. team is also supporting Book Sprints with digital infrastructure, an innovative way of writing and producing a book collaboratively in five days. These experiences give our team the confidence that we can provide a high quality managed hosting and technical support to our subscribers and also collaborate with even bigger teams!

Demo & sign up for the service

If you are interested in signing up we have prepared three different pricing packages for the service. By signing up for the package that is most convenient to you will receive:

  • fast reliable dedicated hosting utilizing renewable energy;
  • friendly and human support through from a team that has deep knowledge of the software;
  • latest software updates;
  • backups (daily or weekly)

Visit our Ketty instance page for more details.