Announcing - reliable open source digital infrastructure

Announcing - reliable open source digital infrastructure

Online Collaboration tools are proven to have a great added value on increasing the team productivity, optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency. This is hardly a matter of discussion any longer and businesses and professionals have been using many of these tools to help them work better. Various tools and platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Gmail etc have become quite popular and massively used. Most of these tools usually come for free, or, well at least you don’t pay them with your money. But, as this article states, these ‘free’ services are much more expensive that most people realize.

As a team who have been active for a long time now on the issues of Online Privacy and Free Libre Open Source Software, we really wanted to come up with a solution that would enable our friends to get back control over their data, while also working on an area we love and are really passionate about. There are many people and professionals with little technical know-how, but who still care about their privacy and where their data goes, and there are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well who want to stay focused on their business operations while having their productive and privacy oriented tech infrastructure up and running. - your ready2use open source cloud infrastructure which will enable you stay in control while working with cutting edge technologies.

About the service is basically ready2use open source cloud infrastructure. No technical skills needed - you sign up for your service with your instance(s) of choice and our tech ninjas will take care of the rest. As a customer you will have a variety of platforms to choose from, starting with Nextcloud for the moment.

What makes different?

By using your data stays in YOUR control. We only use open source instances whose code is publicly available and trustworthy in terms of data privacy. Last but not least: you will receive Human Support - we have spent months before launching the service on improving our support life-cycle. We take the process of support seriously and do the best we can to help you.

Reclaiming our data - we gotta take our data back!

We live in times where personal data is being sold for profit, where people are being treated just like numbers by AI algorithms, where ethics is just one more word and where big tech is converting online privacy into myth, open source software can come to a rescue. We need to wake up from the passive role we have and take our power back!

Through self-hosted open source solutions we can gain control again over our data. That’s why all the cloud instances we are offering are open source and you can host them on your own as well. If on the other hand you don’t want to worry about IT systems, have a small team, and just want to use the software without making a big commitment, we are here to make that commitment for you.

Next steps currently includes various open source instances, such as: Nextcloud, Mattermost, Discourse, Ghost, Zammand, GitLab.

Our goal is to include other open source software solutions which we consider important in fulfilling business or organizational needs, improve collaboration or platforms which solve a specific problem. Other instances are under testing and documentation phase and will be included gradually on the package.

We are also testing the waters on launching the Community Support Program soon, which will provide major discounts or full support for independent professionals, activists or NGOs who are working on internet freedom or similar social challenges we as a society are facing these days. Stay Tuned!

You are invited you to share your thoughts and give feedback in our public chat, email or Mastodon.