Community Support

Community Support Program is part of our efforts of giving back to the community.
Our team has deep roots from different FLOSS communities, and it’s not only in our DNA to work with and promote free open source software, but we also believe this movement to gradually changing the world. This is why we are committed to support communities, organizations and non profits who have a focus on FLOSS, online privacy, freedom of expression, net discrimination, open knowledge and the commons. Human Rights organizations which in critical times are fearing censorship, targeted attacks or need more resources to continue their work are encouraged to apply as well.

What does Community Support mean?
We provide ready2use digital infrastructure entirely based on open source software and our main goal is to make the use of free software as easy as possible. We provide software customization for your needs and a small number of training hours so that you and your team can make the best of these platforms. We also offer friendly human support when you are facing difficulties. To find more about the full list of the platforms we are offering you can visit our Instances page. If you need support on an open source platform which is not listed there, we encourage you to contact us anyway and we can discuss further on how to support you.

Note: As we are a small team with significant third party costs and are still working to grow our business, it is not possible for us to support as many organizations as we would like, this is why we invite you to apply for support if you really need it and cannot afford to pay for it.


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