Supporting FOSSCOMM 2021 with open source digital infra

Supporting FOSSCOMM 2021 with open source digital infra

Following our commitment on helping many orgs and small/medium teams to move away from big tech, we are excited to announce our engagement as infrastructure sponsors for the annual Greek Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting (known as FOSSCOMM) 2021 edition.

The two day conference will be hosted by the University of Macedonia (UOM) from 13 to 14 November 2021 and aims at facilitating discussion between Free Software communities, clubs, and research and development teams, as well as attracting new members to those groups. It also aims at showcasing the importance and necessity of using Free and Open Source Software, as well as new trends of the field.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the organizing team has decided to have an online event and has chosen our team to provide with reliable open source digital infrastructure needed for the event. Obviously we happily said yes!

So far, 13 FOSSCOMM conferences have already been hosted, with the first being in Athens (in 2008) and the latest having been hosted by the University of Western Macedonia. Participation in FOSSCOMM is free of charge and regular participants include GFOSS communities, as well as new programmers from academia. FOSSCOMM features technological news in the field, innovative ideas, as well as a collection of suggestions for the promotion of Free/Open Source Software. It also offers participants the opportunity to accrue new expertise through presentations and workshops.

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Many thanks to the FOSSCOMM 2021 organising team for trusting our know how in providing open source infra for the event. We are looking forward to meet you and our friends from the greek FLOSS communities at #FOSSCOMM 2021.