An update to our Terms of Service Q3 2021

An update to our Terms of Service Q3 2021

From time to time we update our terms of service with the ultimate goal of making our relationship with our Subscribers as fair as possible. This is a minor update that includes some clarifications related to questions we had from our Subscribers and also additional information we think help to clarify how we make sure to respect your data. While we do some changes from time to time to this document, our fundamental beliefs (and behaviors) have and will not. Here’s what the main changes are about:

Server specs
We now make sure to explain to you that the server specs of your instances are published in our public documentation:

Data location and third party providers
Although we try to minimize the sharing of your data with third parties, sometimes we can not avoid doing so especially when ti comes to payment processors for example. In our latest update of our ToS we list all the third parties we have as suppliers so that you have a better idea of what happens in the background. We also specify how and where we handle the encrypted backups of your instances.

Removing mentions to beta services
We removed the section related to beta services as it is not relevant to the way we offer our services. We only manage the software we deploy ‘as is’ and are not responsible for possible bugs or poor performance.

Minor changes in text
There are several other minor changes like the usage of Subscribers instead of Clients, removal of the same phrase used more than ine time and syntax and grammatical improvements.

At we continue our efforts to make our relationship with our Subscribers as fair as possible, and we stand firm in our commitment in transparency of our decision making and that you alone control your data. That’s why we publish also the changes in our ToS here.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to office (at)