Mastodon Hassle Free Managed Hosting Now Available

Mastodon Hassle Free Managed Hosting Now Available

We are quite excited to start the New Year with a long overdue announcement. Starting from today, we will extend our portfolio of open-source Managed Hosting services to include Mastodon. We teased about this last year during our presentation at FOSSDEM 2023 in Brussels and during the 2023 edition of FOSS4G in Prizren, Kosovo.

If you’re unfamiliar, Mastodon is an open-source software built for facilitating self-hosted social networking services. Similar to Twitter, it incorporates microblogging features but decentralizes control through a network of independently run nodes, or instances. These instances each adhere to their own code of conduct, privacy policy, and content moderation policies.

Users on Mastodon belong to a specific instance or server, with the ability to communicate with users on other instances. This interoperability offers users the freedom to select an instance whose policies align with their preferences, while maintaining access to a broader social network. Following Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk in 2022, Mastodon experienced a noticeable increase in user adoption due to many controversial policies that big tech platforms like Twitter have implemented during the last decade.

You might question why we didn’t present this earlier. The fact is, implementing the service required careful deliberation. Our team spent much of 2023 discussing the potential challenges and responsibilities associated with hosting Mastodon instances. We worked extensively writing Ansible code that makes the deployment and software update cycle seamless. In addition, we worked closely with our legal advisor to reflect federated apps managed hosting in our Terms of Service. This took a bit more time than what we expected, but in retrospective, it was the right call to make sure that everything will run smoothly for our Subscribers.

Hassle free Mastodon Managed Hosting

When we say we’re offering “hassle-free Mastodon Managed Hosting,” we mean that we are providing an end-to-end service that takes care of all the technicalities of setting up and running a Mastodon instance. This includes server setup, software installation, security updates, daily or weekly backups, performance tuning, uptime monitoring, and troubleshooting. We essentially take on all the complexities of running a Mastodon instance, allowing you to focus solely on using the platform and building your community. This is a comprehensive, worry-free solution designed to make your experience with Mastodon as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Our Mastodon Managed Hosting service includes two primary packages: the Starter and Medium+ packages. These packages are tailored to fit different community sizes and growth rates. Our Starter package is perfectly designed for small communities or open source influencers, providing the essential tools, resources, and support to establish their digital presence and smoothly run their online operations. Conversely, our Medium+ package is better suited for rapidly growing communities – ideally open source related ones. As these communities scale, their needs become more complex, requiring increased storage, security, and operational capabilities—all of which the Medium+ package can provide with added benefits such as advanced traffic management and priority support. While both packages are robust, it’s important to note that our services are ideally configured for small to medium teams and communities. Individual users may not find our offerings as cost-effective, as the resources and services we offer go beyond the scope of individual needs, leading to operational costs that may not be justifiable for such use cases. Our goal has been and still is to ensure our Subscribers only pay for what they truly require and can fully utilize.

With modifications to our Terms of Service, we’re prepared to offer hosting services for other federated platforms such as Mobilizon, and Pixelfed to mention a few. Announcements about the availability of new federated platforms will be published soon, so watch our blog page and/or our Mastodon account for updates. We have been asked if we are planning to offer our own public instance where anyone can sign up. Upon legal advice, we’ve opted not to provide public instances for general sign-ups. The complexities and potential legal considerations related to managing public instances necessitate careful management and moderation.

We invite you to join the amazing world of decentralised federated social networking. With our Mastodon Managed Hosting service, we hope to make participation in the fediverse both seamless, hassle-free and secure.