FlashForward 2022

FlashForward 2022

Launched in 2011, the Flash Grant programme resets the power dynamics of philanthropy and supports a global, decentralised network of social innovators and changemakers.

FlashForward brings this community of individuals together to celebrate progress, share ideas, and build new connections, enabling a proliferation of knowledge exchange to filter out around the world.

This online event is hosted by the Shuttleworth Foundation but curated by the Flash Grantees, to enhance our connections as a fellowship community. We can tell our stories, connect with each other, and seek out new modes of collaboration. We can discuss our journeys, challenges, and successes.

General info:
📆 21.02.2022 - 25.02.2022
📍 online at ffwd.flashgrants.org
📌 agenda & calendar: ffwd.flashgrants.org/calendar
🐦 #flashforwardfest

For the second year, our team is providing the organizers with reliable open source digital infrastructure and more specifically, with the deployment of the website and with a dedicated BigBluebutton instance for presentations.

During the event, our team will monitor the performance of the platform using our tools deployed in Q3 2021 to improve monitoring and performance. In addition, we will provide the organizing team with the video recordings of the sessions and make it easy to publish the materials on video.shuttleworthfoundation.org, the dedicated Peertube instance, deployed for Shuttleworth Foundation.

Join the presentations and workshops for one week as we converge to shine a light on the pathway to regeneration, creating new narratives for the emerging future and building towards a goal that inspires the Flash Grant programme: An abundant world through sharing and collaboration.