Announcing our partnership with

Announcing our partnership with

Good news in troubling times. We are happy to announce our collaboration with, a company building tools and services to help everyone publish their work online, with their privacy intact. Among many interesting projects, stands behind the development of WriteFreely, an open source platform for building a writing space on the web.

This partnership consists on two teams joining efforts to empower a decentralized web, with now listed as a trusted provider of WriteFreely. For this is a kick off of their efforts to decentralize WriteFreely and give users more choice in who runs their instance and hosts their data. At we are more than excited to be among the first trusted providers and we will commit to supporting the further development of this platform.

WriteFreely by

Our main goal at is to support professionals and SMEs to build an entirely open source tech infrastructure. In the recent months, we have worked hard to extend our suite of open source software services by including new platforms which fulfill different needs and serve as alternatives of many proprietary software solutions.

One of the recently added services is our Managed hosting service for WriteFreely, which we believe to be a great solution for those interested in simplified blogging platform which is purely focused on the content you create. You can start your blog with just a few clicks or, with federation, WriteFreely enables you to host a community of writers where others can join, and where you can set your own policies. Similar to Mastodon or Pixelfed, WriteFreely enables you to create a blogging platform which can freely communicate with other blogs on a larger network. For those who want to build a minimal blog and run it without worrying constantly about the number of plug-ins, or the likes and claps they get, we believe this platform to be the best solution to them.

The idea of this collaboration started at FOSDEM 2020, where we had the pleasure to met Matt Baer, Founder and CEO of, where discussed on our projects and initiatives. Sharing the same principles on various topics on privacy, or the need for all of us to build a decentralized web, helped us take our efforts further and establish this partnership.


We truly support the development of alternatives such as WriteFreely, which can be self-hosted, empowering users to create and maintain their personal blogging space. Such alternatives are crucial in today’s world, where every year we are presented with new cases of censorship and continuous freedom of speech infringements. Through these alternatives, users have the freedom of choice, and can make the choice which best fits their needs.