Announcing Proton Mail partnership to empower the use of encrypted email!

Announcing Proton Mail partnership to empower the use of encrypted email!

At, as we support customers to build an online infrastructure based on privacy-first solutions, requests on a good email provider have been quite frequent. It was these requests from our partners that initiated a thorough research process internally to find the email provider that fits with our culture and ethics. This is why we are excited to start 2020 by announcing the partnership between Proton Mail, the world‘s largest encrypted email provider and, the open source digital infrastructure provider for solopreneurs, SMEs and organizations. This collaboration will enable us to answer these requests in the best way possible, by providing an encrypted email solution with fast & high quality support.

Through this partnership both Proton Mail and will collaboratively continue their work promoting the use of encrypted email as an important way to preserve our right to privacy and keep our communications and business data secure.

About Proton Mail

Proton Mail is the world‘s largest encrypted email provider, with over 20 million users. It is empowered by open-source tech and it serves as the email provider of choice for many security-conscious enterprises, including: Healthcare specialists, Non-profit organizations, Professional services firms and Governmental bodies. Proton Mail features advanced end-to-end encryption, algorithms and cryptographic libraries which are open source and reliability backed by a 99.95% uptime service level agreement (SLA). It can be accessed from any computer through a web browser or through the Android and iOS mobile apps. And you can use your own domain:

Productivity and ease of use first

In terms of productivity Proton Mail provides many features such as advanced email filtering, unlimited number of Folders and Labels, capabilities of rich text formatting, autoresponder and more. This makes us strongly believe that Proton Mail is one of the best email providers out there and we are quite motivated to recommend it to our partners and help them make a switch from providers whose business model is fully based on spying and selling our/their data. Nobody can decrypt encrypted Proton Mail messages without your unique password, even Proton Mail team itself, which means that it provides high levels of security and privacy, making it an excellent solution for privacy conscious individuals or organizations.

Make your Proton Mail transition easier with support!

Proton Mail is quite user friendly, but based on our experience you always need support to make your first steps in using encrypted email platforms. Most important you will need the support of our team if you are migrating from your actual email provider, which basically means that our team will make the switch easier for you and your team, will assists your transition, provide training and support you throughout all your journey to securing your communications. If you are not a tech expert and find the process difficult and confusing, you will receive custom support to understand how encryption works and get the maximum from all the features that Proton Mail provides.

Ready to get your encrypted email account?

To discuss further on a Proton Mail subscription you can request a quote on our website. For all Proton Mail features and related information take a look at their website.

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