Introducing Deflect, our new partner in securing your website!

Introducing Deflect, our new partner in securing your website!

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Deflect - a joined effort that will enable us to offer support for companies and for purpose organizations which want to secure their websites with open source software.

Deflect is a website security service which protects you from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and helps you keep your website(s) online. This project was made possible by eQualitie – a company developing open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security and freedom of association.

As our team provides open source digital infrastructure, we are excited to extend our list of open source instances with Deflect, and support our Subscribers with ethical tech when it comes to securing their websites.

Who needs Deflect?

According to TechRepublic, DDoS attacks increased by 20% in 2020, meaning everyone should consider themselves at risk. While this rise in DDoS frequency in 2020 can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, with more teams now working remotely, the very same risks will be present.

Service unavailability due to a DDoS attack can have a high impact on a business as it affects the customer experience, it’s reputation, it can have a direct financial impact, and the damage in case of data loss can be hard to repair. This makes it essential of all businesses with websites to prepare themselves to prevent DDoS attacks.

Organizations and not-for-profits are impacted as well as they can can face attacks which aim to censor them.

Our mission is strengthened through this mutually beneficial partnership. We stand together, stronger and ever more resilient, to protect our clients’ platforms with ethical technology solutions, multilingual human resources and a common belief in principles before profits.
Dmitri Vitaliev, Founder

While there are tens of solutions out there which provide DDoS mitigation services, and we might be biased here but what better solution can there be but one that combines open source software solutions, a long experienced team of experts who have been practicing security for more than a decade, and a team open source practitioners who will be there in your darkest days? 😇

We support teams which do not have the internal technical know-how and cannot deal in their own with security vulnerabilities. What makes us different is the fact that every service we offer is based on open source software. Through this collaboration with Deflect we are now able to extend our list of services and provide support also for teams which are looking for a DDoS mitigation solution.
Silva Arapi, co-founder of

Principles matter!

Partnering with teams who share the same values as we do makes creates a positive synergy which benefits us both, and the people we serve to. While partnerships (in the business world) are quite useful in terms of bringing something effective to the table to help one another succeed, for us it’s crucial to identify our shared values with the people we partner with. We like how the team behind Deflect follows an approach which respects the users rights for privacy, puts a high importance of Digital Security, seeks to be Transparent and Open, promotes and supports Freedom of Expression and Access to information, and puts Human Rights first. These principles align with our own.

Need more info?

You can learn more about Deflect by visiting their website directly: or you can take a look at our service by clicking the button below.