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Protect your website against DDoS attacks with Deflect.

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Deflect is a website security service which protects you from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and helps you keep your website(s) online.

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Such attacks, undertaken by infected ‘bots’, are intended to disable the targeted website and prevent access for legitimate users.

Deflect helps you protect your website in the online sphere. Through their secure hosting, encrypted connections, advanced mitigation options and much more, your users now can have with high levels of protection.

Your benefits of our partnership with Deflect.

We are excited to have established a partership with the Deflect team to provide increased levels of security to our subscribers. As firm believers of open source, we are excited for this development which enables us to guide our users through the use of ethical solutions when it comes to securing their websites.

In practice this means that is an official reseller of Deflect services. As we continue our mission to provide you with Reliable Open Source Digital Infrastructure, our team can now support you to secure your website without hassle. We will take care of setting up Deflect for you, and offer our high quality support when issues arise.

An overview of Deflect.

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Let’s take a quick look at the main Deflect features:

  • It provides you with an infrastructure built to mitigate network, application and web layer attacks.
  • Encrypted connections for your website will offer readers better privacy and authenticity.
  • Deflect will block malicious requests according to predefined rules and user artificial intelligence to challenge suspicious behaviour.
  • Deflect will protect your website’s editorial pages from password brute force attacks.
  • With your DNS pointing to Deflect, the true location of the web server hosting your content is concealed from public view.
  • A global caching infrastructure ensures your content is always available.
You can find a more detailed technical overview of Deflect in their website and their documentation: or you can schedule a call with our team to learn more on how Deflect can solve your problems when it comes to website security: tech and user support

Interested in using Deflect and having it setup for your website? Make sure to fill in the form below and our team will guide you on the next steps.

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Our goal is to provide reliable open source digital infrastructure by using ethical tech in an easy and convenient way. This approach is ideal for companies and organizations that want to stay focused on their mission or do not have the human resources to deal is the security of their website

Open-Source Philosophy

Deflect is the first open source project which provides this level of protection from DDoS attacks. The team behind Deflect chose the open source path as they see the community engagement as the strongest response to this problem - the more people check the code and write new features, the better! You can even take the code and set up your own Deflect network, completely independent from the Deflect team.

You always have the option of joining the Deflect service or running the software yourself, on premises.

Deflect Team and Principles.

Deflect is a project by eQualitie – a company developing open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security and freedom of association. eQualitie aims to create accessible technology and to promote and defend human rights on the Internet. Deflect is one of their many projects - in continuous operation since 2011, Deflect protects hundreds of websites, serving over a million daily readers.

For us at it is important to work with and collaborate with people who share same principles as ours, who put users before profits. As it is well stated in their principles this is what Deflect stands for, with a focus on privacy and with a fair pricing approach. The ideal combination to help you move away from #BigTech.