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Mastodon hosting

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Mastodon is free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. It has microblogging features similar to (the proprietary) Twitter service. It is offered by numerous independently run nodes, known as instances, each with its own code of conduct, terms of service, privacy policy, privacy options, and moderation policies. Each user is a member of a specific Mastodon instance (also called a server), which can interoperate as a federated social network, allowing users on different instances to interact with each other. This is intended to give users the flexibility to select a node whose policies they prefer, but keep access to a larger social network. Mastodon is also part of the Fediverse ensemble of server platforms, which use shared protocols allowing users to also interact with users on other compatible platforms, such as and Friendica. Mastodon is crowdfunded and does not contain ads. You can read more about it here: A list of public instances can be found here.

Mastodon features

  • A decentralized and free/libre alternative to Twitter and other proprietary services.
  • Part of Fediverse.
  • Powered by open-source software.
  • Has no ads or tracking.
  • Quite rich in various social features.
  • Powered by a variety of mobile apps. Mastodon instances

If you or your company/organization want to run your own Mastodon instance, but do not have the appropriate technical skills to do so, our team can support you with that. We are already supporting many teams to gain control over their digital infrastructure from algorithmic bias, censorship and tech-bros and have the know-how to help you navigate the exciting, but complex technicalities of the fediverse.

Managed Mastodon instances from

We will set up an instance for you using your domain or subdomain of choice, and we will provide technical support and on-boarding sessions when needed. Our team will also take care of software updates, take backups, provide you with the SSL certificate, and give you access to our support portal. This allows you to focus on your community building more and less on the technical side of things.

Note: In case that you will want to set up a public Mastodon instance, our team does not provide support on content moderation. Please read Terms of Service to find our more about our approach. provides you with:

  • a ready2use Mastodon instance
  • custom domain
  • admin access
  • latest stable updates
  • friendly human support
  • backups

  • Mastodon features • Social Network powered by open source;
    • No ads or tracking;
    • Mobile apps;
    • Multi-Lingual;
    • Part of Fediverse;
    • Rich social features;
  • Offical website
  • Terms of service You can read them here
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  • License GNU Affero General Public License
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    Server specs: for more details about the specs of the infrastructure used for your instance please visit our public documentation page(s).

    Disclaimer: our listed open source software instances are provided 'as they are' - meaning that we are not the people behind these projects, and nor does our team provide software development services. We only provide software instances released under a permissive license, and we deploy, host, and maintain these instances for you. We also take care of security, provide user support, migration, and consultancy services.