Hassle-free managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting

WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source content management system, ideal for creating any website or blog. Our Managed Hosting for WordPress offers a robust, hassle-free solution, empowering you to build and maintain a professional online presence without any technical worries.

Key Features:

  • Admin Access
  • Custom Domain Configuration
  • SSL Certificate Provision
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Scheduled Automated Backups
  • Friendly Support Team

What You Get:

  • A WordPress installation ready for content creation
  • Peak Performance Delivery
  • Thousands of themes and plugins for customization
  • SEO-friendly tools to increase your site’s visibility
  • Social media integration for broader reach
  • No data sharing or selling to third parties

Whether you decide to self-host WordPress or utilize our Managed Hosting services, our expert team is here to ensure your website runs smoothly. We provide tailor-made packages that cater to the needs of small or medium teams, allowing you to focus on growing your audience and creating impactful content.

  • WordPress features • Customizable Designs
    • SEO friendly sites
    • Responsive Mobile Sites
    • High Performance
    • Manage on the Go
    • High Security
  • Offical website wordpress.org
  • Terms of service You can read them here
  • Related blogposts
  • License GPLv2
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  • Notes:

    Server specs: for more details about the specs of the infrastructure used for your instance please visit our public documentation page(s).

    Disclaimer: our listed open source software instances are provided 'as they are' - meaning that we are not the people behind these projects, and nor does our team provide software development services. We only provide software instances released under a permissive license, and we deploy, host, and maintain these instances for you. We also take care of security, provide user support, migration, and consultancy services.

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