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Editoria hosting

Efficiently produce format-flexible, standards-compliant content items with Editoria, the open source, web-based editing & production workflow tool. Editoria can serve as a full replacement of Microsoft Word for book publishing. It includes collaborative authoring and editing, web-based word processing, and automated typesetting. It also includes docx to HTML conversion and production tracking capabilities. How awesome is that?

Editoria features:

  • web-based word processor to simplify your publishing workflows.
  • online collaboration to shorten time to publication.
  • automated typesetting - providing robust push-button publishing.
  • open source and empowered by an active community.
Avoid technical hassle and stay focused on Publishing with Cloud68.co hosting service.

Cloud68.co provides you with:

  • a ready2use Editoria instance
  • custom domain
  • admin access
  • latest stable updates
  • friendly human support

This service is provided by an active community of people who are collaboratively working with the Editoria team to make this software better. You’ll see us often in the Editoria forum discussing features, sharing feedback and reporting issues to help the community fix them. We are supporting book sprint marathons to make publishing easier for teams. Our team members are constantly using Editoria in many levels with the goal to better understand the software and the provide the highest-quality support to our customers.

  • Editoria features • Created by publishers for publishers
    • Eliminates reliance on costly vendor support
    • Lightweight & intuitive, easy to customize
    • No need to maintain third party software
    • Push button file output, generate EPUB3
    • Built on open source technology
  • Offical website editoria.community
  • Terms of service You can read them here
  • Related blogposts Announcing Editoria
  • License MIT
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  • Notes:

    Server specs: for more details about the specs of the infrastructure used for your instance please visit our public documentation page(s).

    Disclaimer: our listed open source software instances are provided 'as they are' - meaning that we are not the people behind these projects, and nor does our team provide software development services. We only provide software instances released under a permissive license, and we deploy, host, and maintain these instances for you. We also take care of security, provide user support, migration, and consultancy services.

Our Plans

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Ideal for bigger teams in need of more support hours

  • 80GB storage
  • Latest stable updates
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • Friendly and human support
  • Custom domain
  • Frequent backups (daily)
  • Free migration
  • Priority support
  • On-boarding consultancy

On demand

On demand packages


For large teams in need of dedicated priority support

  • Storage on demand
  • Latest stable updates
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • Friendly and human support
  • Custom domain
  • Frequent backups (hourly)
  • Free migration
  • Highest priority support
  • On-boarding consultancy

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