Here is what we have been doing during Q1 2020

Here is what we have been doing during Q1 2020

I have been talking with our team about the fact that since September 2019, the time we launched, we have done a lot of progress. The thing is, we have been rarely talking about these developments and our progress outside our small, cozy and filled with (soon to be an uncomfortable number of) flowers, Tirana based office. Since early 2019, when we started talking about a company offering ready2use open source digital infrastructure for freelancers and SMEs, we have worked hard to create the brand, the website, partnerships with open source software initiatives, client base and most importantly the ethos, which is the foundation of how we roll as a team trying our best to provide high quality solutions in an ethical way. Hundreds of meetings with or without coffee, discussions, whiteboard sessions and post-its have been spent between a significant number of people. The last weeks we have been pushing each other to change this and agreed to talk more with the outside world about what we do! In practice this means that you will be seeing us posting more on Mastodon/Twitter, share our story and know-how in online or virtual conferences and basically share our news, updates and thoughts in blog posts like this one. The plan is to have a blog post with general updates, some ‘how to’ blog posts similar to this one, partnership announcements and general news. So, without further ado, here are some of the things we have been intensively working on during Q1 2020.

Editoria as a Service

Editoria is the streamlined online production tool for open publishing. It helps you efficiently produce format-flexible, standards-compliant content items the open source way. It is built by a diverse community of users from across publishing and beyond and after months of testing and working closely with the Editoria team we managed to launch Editoria as a Service in March 2020. This means that if you need to use Editoria, but don’t want to manage hosting, software updates and other maintenance you just sign up for the service and our team will take care of the rest. Here is the blog post with the announcement.

Proton Mail Partnership

Following numerous requests to offer a good, ethical and safe email provider we are quite happy to announce our collaboration with Proton Mail, the world‘s largest encrypted email provider, with over 20 million users. It is empowered by open-source tech and it serves as the email provider of choice for many security-conscious enterprises, including: Healthcare specialists, Non-profit organizations, Professional services firms and Governmental bodies.
Through this partnership both Proton Mail and will collaboratively continue their work promoting the use of encrypted email as an important way to preserve our right to privacy and keep our communications and business data secure. Read the announcement here

Instances info updates

One of the most challenging tasks we have had so far has been defining the right pricing for each package. It is a complex process which requires a lot of calculation and also the need to be careful on providing a price that will be good enough for people to have an incentive to move from Big Tech. We tried our best to find the balance between the value we offer and also a good price which resulted in the publication of the packages for BigBlueButton video chat, Discourse, Editoria as a Service, Ghost blogging platform, InvoiceNinja, Nextcloud and Zammad.

A look inside

We are a relatively new service provider, which for unknown reasons generates often questions on how we do what we do. To answer the questions we asked Boris, our infrastructure ninja team member with quite questinable taste in music, to share a bit of his daily routine. And surprisingly he did, by sharing in a blog post details about his eforts to keep your open source digital infrastructure safe and scalable. Without further ado, here it is.

How-to series

Dejvid, a member of our support team and the new kid on the block, jump-started our new series of ‘how to’ blog posts where we try to explain in simple words some of the technologies we use here at The first article is focused on explaining how 2 factor authentication works on Nextcloud using andOTP app. This was an obvious choice following our understanding that 2FA is not the easiest process to explain to everyone using our services. He also created a video and uploaded it on Peertube showing all the steps.

Updated Terms of Service

ToS are usually boring texts that nobody reads correct? Not really, at least in our case where the majority of the individuals, companies and institutions that use our services care a lot about their data. This rightfully puts us in a position where we need to review the document from time to time to reflect in the most transparent way how our team operates in terms of managing the data of our partners. With that being said, we carefully reviewed of our ToS and you can find the update here You can also review the changes done so far and also propose improvements by opening an issue. It would be highly appreciated from the team.

Monthly newsletter

Some of our favorite open source projects send updates using a monthly newsletter, which is quite cool and with no real desire to reinvent the wheel we thought to also start one. The plan is to share updates from our services, our team, educational material about open source digital infrastructure and everything related to the 68verse. Interested in receiving updates?
Register for our newsletter here.

Coming up next

With the COVId-19 thingy going on a lot of conferences and events close to our heart were either postponed or cancelled. We are looking forward for things to be back to the good old days of socializing in person at SFK, OSCAL and other free libre open source events, but until we still go back to ‘normal’ we will catch up with our friends and partners at virtual events,

Open Publishing Fest 2020

Open Publishing Fest celebrates communities developing open creative, scholarly, technological, and civic publishing projects. This is at once a collaborative and distributed event where participants together find new ground to share ideas about… open publishing. Sessions are hosted by individuals and organizations around the world as panel discussions, fireside chats, demonstrations, and performances.
Open Publishing and a Fest? Count us in please! We are crashing the party by co-hosting a session with punctum books and supporting the initiative with BigBlueButton instance for the video chats.

Open Tech Will Save Us

This Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 5PM UTC (6PM UK time) we will join the second Open Tech Will Save Us meetup! With Mike Hoye of Mozilla and Eugen from Mastodon. A discussion about the future (and present!) of decentralisation and open communications.
We will be there

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