From our hearts to yours: happy New Year 2021!

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2020 left a sour taste for everyone around the globe. This included our team, which had a tough last quarter of the year in regards to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had to some members of our collective and to our friends and families. The good news? At a professional level things were quite the opposite with almost all the items on our to-do list getting a tick. Here are some of the highlights:

  • we are now proud members of the LibreHosting network - a group of similar companies and collectives sharing the same values with us;
  • in March of 2020 we were the first entity to offer Editoria as a Service for everyone in the book production industry;
  • we should promote more the fact that we are now a recommended InvoiceNinja Self-Hosting Invoice provider and are considered as one of the Best Hosting Options;
  • becoming the first Write Freely hosting partner was a product of collaborating with a like-minded team sharing the same values about open source culture and tech ;
  • we are also quite happy to be part of the community maintained list of Nextcloud providers;
  • in terms of business development, we had more instances deployed that we expected and almost 50% more billings than the initial plan;

Most important, we invested in having the operational and legal entity to Estonia through the E-residence program, which is ideal for individuals and teams like ours. This move comes in a time where there is growing need from us and our partners to be legally present in a EU country and have more payment options and other financial and legal benefits.
With all what’s happening around the world, we decided to keep it positive and believe more than ever to solidarity and the power of building networks of individuals and entities that believe in ethics more than in the power of the green paper.
Here’s to a healthier 2021 for humans and the net from the hearts of our collective to yours! 🥂