We are now an Invoice Ninja self-hosting partner.

We are now an Invoice Ninja self-hosting partner.

Invoice Ninja is the ideal self-hosted platform for your billing, invoicing and financial data. We started using it years ago and we are happy to see that it has many improvements over the years. With Invoice Ninja you can prepare offers, invoice your clients, collect the payments you’re owed, track expenses, time tasks, and more.
The software is ideal for freelancers and small business owners, which happens to be the majority of our subscribers. There are many integrations and payment gateways you can add to the software to personalize it for your specific business needs.


For example, at Cloud68.co we use the integration with Stripe as a main payment gateway, but we are also tracking our payments and expenses via wise.com. In addition, Paypal and other payment gateways can be easily added to your instance without having technical knowledge. A number of various integrations are available, giving you the ability to personalize your instance to your specific business needs, which we have tested and work like a charm. Unfortunately. the software license has generated some confusion (documented here) about the permissions, but we hope the Invoice Ninja team addresses this in the near future!

Cloud68.co as a recommended self-hosting partner for Invoice Ninja

Using and deploying InvoiceNinja all these years has offered us the necessary expertise to be listed as a recommended partner for self-hosting Invoice Ninja. You can see the full list of partners (including yours truly) here.
With a brand new v5 release coming up with a major upgrades and improvements, now it’s the perfect time to consider a Starter or a Medium+ package for your billing needs.

Invoice Ninja packages

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