Move away from Facebook groups and events with a Mobilizon account.

Move away from Facebook groups and events with a Mobilizon account.

They say Facebook is bad for your privacy and you should move away from the social network right? If you’ve been thinking about what could be a potential alternative to Facebook when it comes to organizing your groups and events, we have some good news to share! 😇

In our blog posts, we have often shared our opinion on how dangerous platforms like Facebook are for our society. They give away our data to third parties (commercial and non-commercial ones), build algorithms that censor our publications, and invade our privacy constantly in the same way that Gorge Orwell predicted and Edward Snowden exposed. That is why we need co-created free libre open source alternatives that give us back our (internet related) freedoms. The amazing folks of FramaSoft come once again to save the day by announcing Mobilizon, a free-libre and federated tool which serves exactly a purpose: empowers you to get organized and host your events, without affecting your digital rights.

Mobilizon was announced almost two years ago on the Framablog (FR). It was born of a need to offer a solid alternative to Facebook to friends who organize climate walks, LGBT+ association organizations, and new educational workshops with that platform’s limited options. After a successful fundraising campaign, it was confirmed once again that there was a great demand for such an alternative and Framasoft was enabled to continue their work. They worked with designers to understand the expectations of activists who use Facebook to gather and organize. Here you can find their announcement published in late October’20 which details their journey to build Mobilizon. It is a federated tool, which means that Mobilizon is not a giant single platform, but a multitude of interconnected Mobilizon websites. This federated architecture helps avoid monopolies and offers a diversity of hosting terms of service.

image is now hosting a Mobilizon instance.

On the official website page,, you will find a selection of instances: websites created by those who have installed Mobilizon software on their server. Each of these instances offers the same service but from a different host.

Mobilizon is designed to not monopolize your attention: no infinite scrolling, no running to check likes and new friends.” (quote from the Framablog).

If you are looking for such features, this is not the right platform for you to use! If on the other hand, you need a tool that lets you and your team get organized, let's you host public and private events, and invite other people to join, you can enjoy these benefits without being forced to share your data, without fearing censorship, without basing your success on unethical algorithms, and without being part of the economy of attention that platforms such as Facebook have built. That's why we at we proud to launch a public Mobilizon instance which can be your perfect alternative to Fb groups and events if you are looking for a way for your team to move away from big tech.


A deeper look into Mobilizon design and features

  • In Mobilizon, each account can create an infinite number of profiles, which means that the number of participants in your event or the number of members in your group is not an indication of “your big success”.
  • In Mobilizon you cannot follow individuals or a single profile, but only the news of a group. Profiles have no « wall », « thread » or « story »: only groups can publish posts. The goal is to get rid of the self-promotional reflexes where we stage our lives to be the person at the center of our followers.

There is no ability to like a comment or a message in a group discussion and the goal here is to prevent the common exchange from turning into a dialogue-duel where you have to keep and save face. The way how Mobilizon is designed makes it quite clear that even though this tool can be useful as an alternative to Facebook groups and events, in no way should it be seen as ‘a free-libre Facebook clone’. This tool will only be useful to those who value privacy and for whom ‘user engagement’ is not the main priority.

You are invited to check out Mobilizon by creating an account on or one of the other public instances.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts and opinion by joining the conversation on our public Mattemost channel.

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